Della Terra
Della Terra, Corner of sparkling sands avenue and ECR, Akkarai, Chennai – 600 119

Della Terra was started in the year 2013 with the aim of bringing people closer to natural spaces. As such, we provide you the perfect décor to enhance your outdoor living experience. Our eclectic range of products includes earthenware, outdoor furniture, polished cement planters, sandstone features, décor sculptures, murals, water features, decorative plastic planters, pebbles, and planters for growers and other garden accessories.

Through the years, we have been recognised for our understanding of clients’ requirements and attention to detail, and have grown to become one of the most exclusive dealers for décor pottery, outdoor furniture and garden accessories in Tamil Nadu. Our objective remains to provide stylish yet sustainable outdoor living décor and we strive to ensure maximum client satisfaction in all our endeavours.


  1. Curated with an aim to adorn spaces that appeal to contemporary sensibilities, our products are minimalist yet striking in their design, and intense in their aesthetic appeal.
  2. Our products are specially crafted, passing down the talent and trade from one generation to the next. This makes them unique and unmatched in quality.
  3. We take extra care to ensure that our products are sustainable, making them truly versatile in their use for outdoor as well as indoor luxurious living.
  4. We conceptualise our clients’ vision,and provide innovative yet sustainable solutions to change the way our clients envision their outdoors.
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